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28 random facts about me

It dawned on me that I actually haven’t told a lot about myself so in order to properly introduce myself, here’s 28 random facts about me:

This Is Me

1. I’m a Sagittarius
2. I don’t have a middle name but if I got to chose I would pick Amelia or Ashely
3. I have a lovely son <3
4. I also have a lovely finace (:
5. My favorite fruit is oranges, followed by kiwi, berries and watermelon
6. I love Doctor Who
7. My favorite colors are blue, purple, red and black
8. I love music but I’ve never learned to play an instrument
9. I have extreme phobias of small spaces and needles
10. I have the yellow belt in jiu jitsu
11. I have almost 300 books
12. I’m running out of place for said books
13. The Harry Potter series is my favorite and I’ve read each book over 25 times…
14. Except for Harry Potter, Stephen King writes my favorite books
15. I adore owls!
16. Ikea is my favorite furniture store
17. I simply loooove Disney
18. I love cooking but I can’t bake if my life depended on it
19. Italy is my favorite country and I’d always choose to go there no matter how often I’ve been before
20. I love everything with tomato
21. I’ve badly injured my ankle once but it took me two weeks to get to the doctor because I thought “it wasn’t so bad”
22. One of the very few things I don’t like to eat is mustard
23. Kinder is my absolutely favorite brand of chocolate followed by Hershey’s Cookies’N’Creme (which is almost impossible to find anywhere in Denmark!)
24. I hate talking on the phone
25. I’ve had boudoir pictures taken
26. I’m actually lazy when it comes to make-up so I usually just wear eyeliner and mascara
27. I always have bruises everywhere but I have no idea where they come from
28. I always think the kids menu sounds more appealing than the rest

Keep an eye on the blog ’cause I’ll be doing a giveaway shortly (:

What’s one (or more) random fact about you?

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